Love, Chaz is ONE!


Love, Chaz turns ONE today! It’s been a whole year since I made my blog public. I can’t believe it’s been a year already.


I started this blog during a complicated time in my life. It was a creative project that I desperately needed. I didn’t know where I wanted to go with it, nor what to expect. It was just something that I aspired to do.


When I decided to launch my blog, I promised myself that I would stick with it for at least a year. I remember reading that 80% [I don’t remember the exact number, but it was really high!] of blogs do not make it past the first three months. After getting started, I understood why that happens. It can be hard to keep going when you spend hours creating a post and only a few people read it. Or nobody leaves a comment. There were many times that I felt like my posts were stupid. There were times I asked myself, “will anyone care about this?”. I took more “breaks” than I planned and failed to be consistent. But nonetheless, I am proud of myself for getting started and not giving up. That is a big accomplishment in my eyes.


A few highlights from my first year:

  • I became a part of the social media world again by joining Instagram in July. Something I honestly never thought I would do. I left Instagram in 2015 and didn’t miss it. But now I’m back! It’s been fun so far. Follow me!

  • Love, Chaz was visited in 33 different countries… Someone in Canada reads my blog. I’m pretty sure it’s Drake.


Thank you so much to everyone that has visited my blog, subscribed, left comments, or given words of encouragement. I appreciate it all. I hope you continue to follow me on this journey!

If there is something that you wish to pursue, go for it! NOW. Time waits for nobody. I procrastinated with making a blog for almost three years. After a year in, my only regret is not starting sooner. Stop making excuses and doubting yourself. Just do it!

What was your favorite post? What would you like to see from Love, Chaz in year two?

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