Vacations Are A Self-Care Necessity



I didn't realize how much I needed to get away until I took a week long vacation. Getting away was so rejuvenating for me. I came back home in a great head space and ready to get back to business. I've always enjoyed vacations but never considered how important they are to my mental health. Vacations are a self-care necessity.


In the last week, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a bae-cation in Chicago and a family vacation to Florida. Chicago was everything I wanted it to be (and more). My husband and I haven't taken many trips without our little one. A kid-free weekend was long overdue for us. Although, I missed my baby! (I still have a hard time being away from her.) It was so great for us to spend quality time together. We kicked it like we were back in college. I hadn’t had that much fun in a while. And did I mention that we got to see Beyoncé?!


After we got back home, I turned right around and left for Florida the next day. This time, with my daughter and parents. We went to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and favorite niece. It was a great time because we hadn’t seen them since they moved. So we got a peak into their life in Florida, which was really cool. We went to the beach, which is the most relaxing place on earth. I could spend every day on a beach!


Getting a break from work and home responsibilities is freeing. Vacation allows us to (momentarily) forget about our troubles. It's an opportunity to clear your head.  I came back from vacation with a new frame of mind. The feeling is hard to explain. I was super motivated to be productive. I've been looking for this motivation for weeks! It’s evident that I needed a break from everything. 


Vacations do not have to break the bank. My most recent trip (to Florida) was probably the least expensive vacation that I've ever been on as an adult. I stayed with family and we didn't do much. The best part about the trip was going to the beach, which was free. Family fun is always special to me so I was content with just spending time together. My daughter was able to spend time with her favorite cousin and they are extremely cute together! Watching them reunite was so precious. 


My favorite part about vacation is the opportunity to spend time in a different city. It’s so much fun to explore somewhere new. I love trying new food places. I refuse to eat at any restaurant that I can have at home. I love taking in the scenary. I’m always so in awe of Chicago’s skyline. It’s incredible. And I enjoy experiencing the city life and getting around on foot. Probably because I hate driving. 


Some of us don't have much fun. Between work, home, kids, or whatever, there is little time for fun. I usually spend my free time chilling. I often forget the importance of having fun. Vacations are filled with good times, laughs, and new experiences.  It’s good for the soul. When you work hard, you deserve to play hard as well! I have to make sure to remember that and so should you.


What was the last vacation you went on? How did you feel when you returned home?




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