8 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

 ( AP Photo/Henry Griffin) 

 ( AP Photo/Henry Griffin) 


A few days ago, I told my husband that I want to come up with some type of tradition for our family during Black History Month. I want it to be a celebration and something that kids would look forward to. It's very important to me that my children know their history and appreciate their culture. Most importantly, I want them to be proud to be black!

I started brainstorming and compiled a list of activities that we can do to celebrate Black History Month. It is fun to put emphasis on Black History during February. However, we should learn black history and support black people year round. Please do not limit yourself to one month a year. 


Movie Night

Watch something educational or watch your favorite hood classics. There are so many to chose from! I'll be watching Purple Rain and New Jack City because I have never seen them. Don't judge me!


Game Night 

Play Black Card Revoked, spades, or bones. Come up with Black History trivia questions. Or create your own game!


Try a new black-owned restaurant

Or go to your favorite black-owned restaurant. I found this article that lists 30 black-owned restaurants in St. Louis. There's a bunch of restaurants on there that I would love to try. 


Volunteer for a black nonprofit

You can also make a donation. Nonprofits all over the country are doing awesome work in African American communities. 

Here are some black nonprofit organizations in the St. Louis area: 100 Black Men, Organization for Black Struggle, Better Family Life, Sisters of Hope


Support black businesses

Promote a business that you like. Or find a black business that provides a product or service that you typically buy.


Support black art

Buy artwork. Attend an art show. Buy a mixtape. Go to a play or concert. Tell your friends and family about your favorite artists. There are so many talented people out there that would appreciate your support!

This is my favorite artist. You might have heard of him.



Black people play a huge role in music, beginning with the development of genres such as jazz, blues, disco, and hip hop. Study the history and evolution of music. Learn about and listen to some of the pioneers. Or jam to some old school music.



Choose a historical figure or event and try to learn as much as you can about it. I've chosen to study Maya Angelou.



How are you celebrating Black History Month this year? Do you have any traditions? Please share.

Also, please share any businesses, places, or people that you recommend.




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